The future for the construction industry

Since as long ago as 2017, the Engineering Department at Josef Muff AG has been working with 3D laser scanners to ensure comprehensive and absolutely accurate measurements for projects. Nowadays, projects are already discussed with customers and construction partners on the "virtual building site".

CAD software with 3D working methods is also gaining importance in the construction world. Life in Josef Muff AG's Engineering Department would be unimaginable without it.

Engineers and drafting technicians use the appropriate CAD software to model the positions and outlines of the construction elements. They are shown in realistic three-dimensional views with a deliberate focus on relevance. Clients are already included in the concept phase with the help of realistic visualisations. Progress of construction work can be documented continuously by regularly applying the scanning process. We use VR glasses so that clients can already experience our projects during the planning phase. Project participants no longer need to be present on site in the real environment – we all meet up in the "virtual project".

The advantages:


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